Challenge for the Future



Refine Group (RHDG) originated in Japan and has been developing business mainly in refining and recycling of organic solvents using distillation technology at its core. RHDG is proud to have the number one share in the field of refining and recycling of organic solvents in Japan, and these days we are one of the leading companies in East Asia, with four factories in Japan, two in China, and one in Taiwan. Currently we are aggressively pursuing business development targeting natural resource utilization as a new challenge in addition to specialty chemical business relating to these organic solvents. In 2019, we established Refine Americas, Inc. in California, USA, and we renewed our commitment to materialize a sustainable society by promoting the recycling of petroleum-based organic solvents, bio-based solvents and natural resource utilization.

R & D and Innovation

Organic solvents are used by electric, pharmaceutical and high polymer industries including semiconductor, lithium ion batteries, and the LCD industry. They are materials that are inseparable from modern industry. At the same time, they aggravate challenges such as VOC or GHG increase simultaneous with industry development. The distillation technology that is the core of RHDG offers not only general distillation but also specialized technologies such as azeotropic distillation and extractive distillation, in addition to separation technology using absorption, extraction, crystallization, membrane separation, absorption. RHDG continues to research and develop taking the global environment and energy saving R & D taking into consideration, and innovation by making full use of these technologies.

Natural Resource Utilization

Effective use of natural resources gives back to nature. This is a company that develops products that can improve people's lives. We believe that advancing this research and development will lead to true happiness for humanity. We provide useful ingredients for natural products centering on functional ingredients produced by microalgae and natural resources. Read more


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