Back to the Nature

From Non-Renewable Resources to Renewable Resources

Refine Holdings Group has been conducting and has been developing business by deploying non-renewable resource (petroleum-based organic solvents) recycling as the base of our business and contributing to establishing a sustainable society and resource circulation in order to reduce Greenhouse Gases and global warming.

In order to materialize sustainability for humanity and society, conversion to energy that does not rely on fossil fuels, and utilization of renewable resources (sustainable resources borne from the ground such as plants and algae) for raw materials for everyday necessities is vital. Nowadays, companies all over the world including us have encountered these issues and are facing this turning point.

Refine Americas, Inc. together with Refine Holdings Group defined solvents that are created using biomass as primary raw ingredients as bio-based solvents in order to establish a society where humankind can develop sustainably . More than ever, we will promote “Activities to achieve Sustainability” together with our customers by replacing traditional petroleum-based solvents with bio-based solvents, utilizing such traditional solvents for new purposes as well as proposing recycling of such bio-based solvents.


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